The Spotlight movie can simply be summed up as a movie which clearly shows the fact that; sometimes those we look up to the most end up being our biggest obstacle on our journey forward in life. That’s exactly the thought which came to mind while watching the movie Spotlight.

As humans, we are quick to forget no one is perfect and sometimes those we least expect to let us down end up being the ones who do! The problem we all face when it comes to the subject of religion is that; even though we know we serve a faultless God, we are quick to forget that humans given the mantle to lead us closer to God are filled with faults.

Spotlight Movie

The biopic Spotlight movie is a 2015 American film which follows an investigative journalist team by the name Spotlight under the management of The Boston Globe. The movie takes us through an extensive investigation of cases of child abuse in Boston by an alarming number of Catholic priests who have always had things go their way due to their position and title in the community.

Editors Note

Psalm 118:8 says; it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. Spotlight is a movie which challenges our thought process on the issue of trusting God’s prophets so much to the extent that we are blinded by their acts, behaviors, and wrong-doings. Sometimes we are so blind to see even though the signs clearly show there is something totally wrong with what is going on until all hell breaks loose!

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Remember God will never put us through any test of wrong-doings to prove our faith in Him, or put us through tests to prove His mighty works and powers to the world. The movie Spotlight needs to be watched with an open and non-judgmental mind. The movie should not alter our faith in God, but rather open our eyes to understand and see the faults in men (even those called by God). The enemy wants to destroy our faith and sometimes comes to turn our calling into temptation.

The Story Of Abraham And Isaac

Spotlight Movie
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When God tests us, he wants to take us to the next level in life and all he really needs in return is we have faith in him. A good example will be Abraham who was asked to offer his son Isaac. Regardless of the situation, Abraham had faith and believed God had a bigger plan. He knew God was not interested in him killing Isaac as an offering, but he obeyed anyway.

If you truly know God, you will also know that he doesn’t tempt us, that’s the job of the devil. In Genesis 22:2, God clearly told Abraham to take his only son to the mountains and offer him as a burnt offering, which he obeyed. But in Genesis 22:5 Abraham proved his faith in God when he told his servants to settle down, as both he and his son are going to worship God and will “both” be back! (He said this even though he was going to offer his son as a burnt offering). He knew the same God who gave him a son will make a way and have his son return back.


In conclusion, to understand the level of obedience and faith Abraham had in the Lord; you can read more on this story in Genesis 22. At the end, God blessed Abraham abundantly.  Whenever God puts us through a test, it is never to hurt us or defile us, but rather to elevate us and take us to greater heights.


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