The solution needed to get rich is not rocket science, but sometimes we make things a little complicated for ourselves and end up falling short of our potential. There is a quote which says; the person you will be in 5 years is based on the books you read, the people you hang around with, and more so the people you listen to. Now, while reading is essential to self-development and instilling knowledge that if properly applied could bring about a complete turnaround of one’s financial status for the better, surrounding yourself with great minds who have the same ambition, vision, or goal as you is key.

In life, it is important to have those who can be mentors, advisers, or partners, providing you with proven systems and processes that foster risk management as well as connecting you to other people of influence. This can translate into a drastic measure of self-development and invariably, wealth creation, therefore, bringing you to a place of financial stability. Hence, Porter Gale was utterly correct when she coined the phrase “your network is your net worth”.

Characteristics Of Wealthy People

A common trait amongst wealthy people all over the world is the conscious effort on their part to form relationships with people that add value to their lives. This value might not necessarily be monetary as most people may think. Value could be in the form of advice, technical know-how, emotional support, connections etc. Wealthy people are quick to admit that they are not an islands, neither are they financial gurus or business sages; they usually attribute their success to their ability to humbly identify competent people with the right set of skills to bring their visions to fruition and they, in turn, convert these people into a functional network of friends, mentors, colleagues, and partners.


Like Anthony J. D’Angelo rightly said, “don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it”; if several people have increased their net worth by simply having profitably functional networks, wouldn’t it be wise if you just followed suit and watch it work for you? The following are 10 ways you can get rich by improving your networking skills and ultimately, grow your network as well as your net worth:

1.   Self – Assessment:

The first step on your journey to get rich is by creating a better network of individuals that will, in turn, bring about an increase in your net worth. This ultimately starts by assessing oneself. Socrates’ philosophical caution, “man know thyself” encapsulates the point I seek to establish in this instance. This is because a person has to first understand who he/she is and what he/she wants before he/she can adequately socialize and network. You need to ask yourself some important questions like:

  • What are my financial goals and ambitions, and how can I achieve these set goals and ambitions?
  • Who are the people currently influencing my decisions, mindset and thought process; are these people inimical to me achieving my financial goals? If the answer is yes, then you ask yourself this: who are the people I need in my circle to help me achieve my financial goals and what kind of qualities or skills set should they possess? And finally;
  • Where do I meet these people and how do I get them to be interested in networking with me?

Once these questions are answered, you can now effectively build relationships that could be strong networks in the future.

2.   Associate based on values, believes, interests, and visions:

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Contrary to what most people believe, networking is about connecting to people with similar values, interests, and visions. It is not necessarily building relationships with power players in the industry that one seeks to succeed in. This is because today’s unemployed youths or struggling entrepreneur could be on tomorrows Forbes list, so, you need to be a bit of a futurist to properly network. Hence, in the course of networking, never look down on anyone, you never know who that person will become or who he/she can introduce you to.

3.   Always seek to add value:

I know it is quite tempting to only seek your personal gain from your relationships (be it in the form of mentors or colleagues) especially when you feel you have nothing to offer the relationship, but believe me, there is always a need you can meet or a problem you can help solve. As a matter of fact, an effective network of individuals is one where each individual in the network has something they contribute to the empowerment of the other, no matter how little that contribution might seem. People find it difficult to forget or overlook anyone that adds value to their life, so keep adding value.

4.   Attend conferences and seminars of interest:

Conferences and seminars boast of a variety of people from different works of life, cutting across different social classes in the society and therefore present networkers with a golden opportunity of meeting new people and increasing their contact base whenever they are organized. People tend to isolate themselves from the throng of people at conferences/seminars or are very selective when they try to socialize; while this is understandable, it is not the best way to behave at such gatherings.

My advice is, try and meet as many people as you possibly can and actually strive to have meaningful conversations with them. You should also exchange contacts and follow up on your new contacts to ensure another face to face meeting.

5.   Change your routine and leave your comfort zone:

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Simple acts like trying out a new restaurant or attending a party you would normally not be inclined to attend can have a great impact on your network. This is because new places present us with opportunities for meeting new people or meeting up with long-lost acquaintances.

6.   Be generally friendly to people:

This might seem inconsequential but it is actually a vital part keeping a network going. Even the good book says a man that wants friends must first show himself friendly. Little friendly gestures like casual texts and calls go a long way in fostering cordial friendships that in turn keeps a network strong.

7.   Tap in into the endless possibilities of social media:

With the advent of social media, you can have several contacts from all around the globe without necessarily having to travel. You can sit in the comfort of your house and with your smartphone, create networks that transcend borders, cultures, languages, and geography.

8.   Adhere to the Platinum Rule:

Unlike the golden rule which admonishes us to treat others the way we want to be treated, the platinum rule says we should treat people how they want to be treated. Although this requires greater work it goes a long way creating long lasting relationships that further translate to effective networks. Sometimes a simple question like “how can I help you?” goes a long way in helping you understand the exact value you can add to someone’s life, which can indirectly translate to an equal measure of value being added to your life.

9.   Treat people with an equal amount of respect:

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Everybody deserves to be treated with utmost respect and there are no two ways about this. Simply put, a disrespectful person cannot adequately network. No matter how “big” we may think we have become, we should always show respect to everyone including those we might feel are inferior to us because a clerk or receptionist that you may disregard could be the one that scuppers your chances of getting that much needed multi-billion dollar contract.

10.  Do not be stingy with your contacts:

There is a temptation to avoid linking other people to some of your high-value contacts for an insecure fear of being relegated to the background. This is however bad for the spirit of networking and should be utterly discouraged. If you want to get rich, you have to learn to be generous with your contacts as one good turn deserves another and what goes around surely comes back around.

The most important actions to take after doing the needful (meeting people, following up on them etc.), are to exercise patience and keep an open mind. This is very important if you want to get rich because networking is a people business and since people are highly unpredictable and prone to meteoric changes at times, they might fall short of your expectations. This could in turn, leave you despondent and disappointed, causing you to be tempted to burn bridges on relationships that could profit you or someone you know in the future.


Try not to expect so much but rather patiently go about your agenda with an open mind ensuring you are indeed friendly and adding value nonetheless. You should also not be pushy or aggressive in your quest to network as you will only seem desperate and invariably, repel people.

In conclusion, the importance of networking on the journey to get rich cannot be overemphasized. It is a proven means of achieving success, self-development, and it does not cost a fortune to practice; neither does it require expert training. An efficient network is simply built on trust, integrity, and honesty.

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